Are your modules handmade?

Yes and no: all entirely through-hole modules are hand built by us in our our workshop. However when it comes to mainly SMD modules we often use the PCB factory where the PCBs are manufactured to solder some of the SMD parts then we solder the final SMD parts, all through-hole parts and do the final assembly by hand in our workshop and if this is the case it will be stated in the module description.

Do you use quality components?

We do indeed. All our components are sourced from trusted reputable sources from around the world and where possible we buy local from the UK (components such as Alpha pots and Thonkiconn sockets are nearly always form the UK and we never use generic versions of these).

I'm interested in a DIY module or synth that isn't on your Website, could you build one for me?

We do build-to-order and we can source everything for the build or build something using parts you have already purchased but whether we can build the particular module/synth you are interested in or not depends on the availability of the PCB/panel and components etc. However if there is a full kit available then it's almost guaranteed that we would be able to build it. If you have a build-to-order query please use the contact page to send it to us with all the details and we will respond as quickly as possible and if we can build it we will provide a quote and ETA for the build. Build-to-order orders are done via invoice and may require a deposit.

I see you are based in the UK, do you ship overseas?

Yes, we have sent orders all over the world. However the shipping cost will vary depending on which country you are based in.