Brand new, fully assembled and tested Volts Turing Machine Expander Eurorack module (requires a Turning Machine MKII or Turing Machine MKI with a backpack module). Designed by Music Thing Modular and built by Monolith Modular using the designer's PCB and black aluminium panel plus self-sourced, quality components as per the designer's specification with black or cream knobs. Assembled by an experienced synth builder using lead-free solder. 

Includes 1 Year Warranty, an 8cm ribbon cable and 2 x M3 mounting screws or M2.5 are available instead on request.

Designer's Description

This is a simple, low-parts count, low-current expander for the Turing Machine Random Sequencer in 4HP.

It acts like a variable 5-bit digital-to-analog converter, taking 5 bits from the Turing Machine GATES expansion port, running them through five potentiometers and giving one summed voltage output.

Multiple mini expanders can be daisychained from one Turing sequencer to give melodically different outputs that are all related to (and change with) the main Turing sequence.

Designed in one day while on holiday in Cornwall.

Music Thing Modular Volts Turing Machine Expander Black Aluminium 4HP Eurorack

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