Brand new, fully assembled, calibrated and tested Radio Music Eurorack module. Designed by Music Thing Modular and built by Monolith Modular using the designer's PCBs and black aluminium panel plus self-sourced components as per the designer's specification with a choice of knob colours and a red button. Assembled by an experienced synth builder in an ESD safe environment using lead-free solder. A SanDisk 32GB microSDHC Card is included, preloaded with about 8GB of samples from Music Thing Modular and if you want to load your own samples onto it you will need an SD card reader and a computer, an SD card adapter is included for the larger card readers. The Teensy comes loaded with the latest Radio Music Firmware and if you ever need to update it or want to try different Firmware like Chord Organ for example you will need a Micro-B USB cable (Kindle charge cable). The USB power to the Teensy has been left in tact which means you can power the module to update the Firmware via the USB cable without the need for Eurorack power but it must not be powered from both as it could damage the Teensy, this can be cut if you would prefer but the n the module would need Eurorack power to be updated. An optional mod has been carried out to stop the sound distorting over time, as recommended by Tom Whitwell of Music Thing Modular. 

Includes 1 Year Warranty, a 15cm power cable and 2x M3 mounting screws or M2.5 screws are available instead on request.

Designer's Description

This is not a radio. It is a sample player that behaves like a radio.

A digital way to simulate the radio-powered compositions of John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen as well as Don Buchla's voltage-controlled radio experiments. It uses a Teensy 3.2 to play files from an SD card to simulate a voltage controlled AM/FM/Shortwave/Time Travel radio.

Music Thing Modular Radio Music Black Aluminium Panel 32GB SD Card 4hp Eurorack

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